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Scott E-bikes or Eride Models Explained

Following on from our blog on the normal MTB Scott models, we move onto the ebikes or eRide explanation.

Confusing things a little further, is that e-bikes have another element of classification. We have:

  • Full fat Ebikes with powerful motors and huge battery capacity

  • Light weight E-bikes with lighter less powerful motors and smaller battery capacity

  1. Cross Country

With cross country focusing largely on weight and therefore agility and speed, E-bikes don't really fit the bill in this disciple, therefore I haven't included any.

2. Trail

Scott Lumen eRide

Scott Patron
Scott Patron eRide

The Scott Lumen is based on the Scott Spark, a proven platform for cross country and trail biking. Starting off at 15.5kg and packing in 130mm of travel, the Lumen has the weight of a mid level normal MTB, but with a 50nm motor and 360wh battery (160wh range extender available). Quite astounding stats for an ebike. Unfortunately it doesn't come cheap, starting off at £6.5k and going up to £14k for the dream build.

Scott Strike eRide

Scott Strike
Scott Strike eRide

The Strike eRIDE offers Scotts latest technologies together with the newest Bosch 85nm motor and either 625wh or 750wh depending upon the model. Versatile, reliable, and accessible, the Strike puts the accent on the comfort with 150mm of travel, slicker tires, thicker grips and saddle to give you a solid choice for pretty much every type of riding. The strikes weigh in at approximately 25kg. The new 2024 model replicates the Scott Patron's upright motor, giving more room for a larger battery, whilst also protecting it from bumps and as much as possible, water and grime from the trails.

Scott Patron eRide

Scott Patron
Scott Patron eRide

The Patron is extremely similar to the strike, with the main differences being less focus on comfort and more so on performance. The same battery sizes and motor. 10mm more travel at 160mm, the Patron is an extremely capable ebike.

The Patron is also available in an ST (super trail) version, with a further 10mm of travel and a slacker head angle.

Both models weigh in at approx 25kg. Obviously the super high spec models bring a slight weight saving.

3. Enduro

Scott Ransom eRide

Scott Ransom eRide
Scott Ransom eRide

The Ransom is an absolute beast of a bike. 180mm travel front and back, this bike can take some heavy hits. A similar weight to the other full fat Ebikes, the Ransom comes with Enduro level suspension, big brakes, wide bars and some super aggressive tyre choices. All complementing the solid frame and confidence inspiring geometry along with a 625wh battery and 85nm motor.

4. Downhill

There are no downhill Ebikes in the range to speak of. With the extra weight and frame strength already present. Wide range of gears and powerful motors giving you your own uplift options. The longer travel Enduro models tend to be the go to Ebikes for downhill riders. At an actual downhill centre, loading an ebike onto a shuttle is only going to bring you pain!


What seems to be missing? A light weight longer travel ebike? Ah, well this does seem to be the new trend for 2024, so potentially watch this space.

As a tall guy who isn't exactly light weight, I'm very happy with the full fat Ebikes. I like the way that the extra weight gives you further confidence on rocky terrain. The bikes feel planted on natural 'point and shoot' downhill trails. They are far more capable than a lighter normal bike in this arena. The drawback is when you want the bike to be nimble, for example on tight twisty forest trails, the extra weight can become a drag.

Battery life is a big determinant for me also. 625wh has never not been enough. Rider weight is a massive factor in battery performance. Being lucky enough to ride with hundreds and hundreds of differing riders, from my observations I would hazard a guess that for each 1kg of weight you will lose roughly 1.5% more battery vs. a lighter rider, therefore in my opinion a lighter nimbler ebike would suit a lighter rider, with a better body weight to bike weight ratio, also bringing less anxiety from battery life with the smaller capacity.

Everyone is different and the best way to find what's right for you is to demo the bikes before you buy. After all, an ebike is a big investment, but a very worthwhile one!

Happy riding.


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