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Our favourite Peak District Gravel Bike routes from our hub
GPX files included with all gravel bike hires. Garmin cycle computers also available to rent

We are lucky to have an abundance of gravel bike routes, for a wide range of abilities and technical appetites from our hub's door.  We would recommend that you have a good level of fitness and are comfortable on a bike before attempting any of the local routes


1. Derwent Valley - Reservoir's loop

Distance: 28.6 miles
Climbing: 2.3k ft
Overall difficulty: 3 / 5
Technical rating: 2 /5
Fitness rating: 3 / 5
Traffic volume: 2 / 5

Derwent Elevation.png
Derwent Valley aerial

A classic a loop in the area. Starting off on national cycle route 6 and joining onto the extensive network of hard packed gravel tracks around the 3 iconic reservoirs within the Derwent Valley. The scenery is stunning and the riding is generally fast going with gentle up's and down's meandering throughout the route, The area is filled with feets of engineering, with it's many dams and impressive aqueducts. During the wetter months the reservoir overspills are a sight to behold, in dry spells the ruins of the historic villages can emerge from the water. A true all year round beauty of a Gravel route.

Cafe options: There is an outdoor cafe mid route at the Fairholmes visitor centre, set next to the Derwent dam.

There are some fantastic technical sections that can be added to this loop also! Conversely you can slice and dice the reservoirs to form shorter routes of 15 miles or 13.8 miles.

Derwent Map.png


2. Stanage Edge and Stoney Middleton

Distance: 34.4 miles
Climbing: 4k ft
Overall difficulty: 4 / 5
Technical rating: 4 /5
Fitness rating: 4 / 5
Traffic volume: 3 / 5

stanage stoney map elevation.png

A stunning route with 2 BIG climbs, but well worth the effort. Climbing up below Bamford edge on the east side of Ladybower reservoir you climb to the top of the famous gritstone outcrop of Stanage Edge. After taking in the amazing views you loop around Redmires reservoir to Burbage rocks for a long and semi-technical gravel descent. After a few lanes you reach Stoney Middleton where you enter a fun climb that begins fairly sedate, but the final 25% of the climb is fairly technical, but great fun on our gravel hire bikes, weaving your way around some larger rocks and gullys. Towards the end of the route you climb up to Shatton moor for a fantatic loose and rocky final descent, before skirting around the gravel tracks of the iconic cement works and back to base in Hope.

Cafe stops : The National Trusts - Longshaw estate is a great stop en route

Route options : You can cut out the Stoney section and still make a top route, weighing in at 24 miles 2.7k ft.

stanage edge.png
stanage stoney map.png

3. Broken Road, Perry Dale -> Hathersage

Distance: 27.3 miles
Climbing: 3.1k ft
Overall difficulty: 3.5 / 5
Technical rating: 4 /5
Fitness rating: 3.5 / 5
Traffic volume 3 / 5

Broken Road Perry Dale Hathersage elevation.png

This route packs in a lot. Climbing out of the Hope Valley via Castleton's famous 'Broken Road' earns you 1k ft of climbing early on. It's well worth it though as you descend along the abandoned Eldon quarry and onto the welcomed flat of the hidden Perry Dale Valley floor.

Delving further into the White Peak, some quiet lanes link you around Tidswell and onto the green lanes around Great Hucklow and above Eyam.

You drop down from the heights on quiet lanes bringing you through to Hathersage, from here it is a simple pedal back to Hope. Some more off road alternatives are available.

Cafe stops : Fairly limited on this route. Bringing some snacks and visiting Colemans Deli (for a famous Scotch egg) would be my suggestion!

broken road.png
Broken Road Perry Dale Hathersage map.png

4. To the Monsal Trail & Chatsworth House

Distance: 37.3 miles
Climbing: 3.8k ft (corrected for the Monsal trail tunnels)
Overall difficulty: 4 / 5
Technical rating: 4 /5
Fitness rating: 4 / 5
Traffic volume: 3 / 5

bakewell and chatsworth elevation.png

Starting on the back lanes to Castleton and climbing out of the Valley via the 'Broken Road', this gem of a route is challenging, but very very rewarding.

A fantastic gravel descent down the edge of Eldon Quarry leads you to Perry Dale and across the White Peak towards the Hamlet of Millers Dale. Here you join the Monsal trail. An old railway line linking Buxton to Bakewell. Super scenic and a long gradual downhill and fast run giving you some breathing space.

From Bakewell you climb up to the top of Edensor where you descend down a fantastic gravel track, avoiding the ruts and reaching the magnificent Chatsworth House. Through the grounds to Baslow follow some scenic lanes to Hathersage. Skirt around Shatton on some more gravel and mud, making your way back to base at Hope.

Cafe options: Re-fuel stops are in abundnce on this route. There is the Anglers rest in Millers Dale, along with the old train station cafe. Hassop station cafe is fantastic. Chatworth House of course, plus all the usual haunts in Hathersage!

bakewell and chatsworth route.png


5. Hucklow and Shatton short

Distance: 15.4 miles
Climbing: 2.4k ft
Overall difficulty: 2.5 / 5
Technical rating: 2.5 /5
Fitness rating: 2.5 / 5
Traffic volume: 2 / 5


We start off with a climb out of the valley, on the lanes around Pindale. Once at the top there is a swooping descent leading you onto some gravel farm tracks and green lanes (avoid the big puddles!), we have seen motor bikes completely submerged! and enjoy a technical climb towards Hucklow.

From here we do the school run Peak District style (off road) and head towards and around the hidden Valley of Abney. Take a moment to visit the Gliding clubs viewing area if there is anything occurring!

From Abney we climb again onto the Gravel tracks looping around Shatton Moor. We pass the iconic mast and drop down to the village, cross a ford and hit more gravel and mud, leading us back to base in Hope.

Cafe stops: The Blind Bull in Little Hucklow makes a good lunch stop. Reaping your post ride rewards in Cafe Adventure or the Grass Hopper Cafe in Hope are a great bet!


6. Hucklow and Shatton longer

Distance: 25.2 miles
Climbing: 3.2k ft
Overall difficulty: 3 / 5
Technical rating: 3 /5
Fitness rating: 3 / 5
Traffic volume: 2 / 5

All as per the above, but with an extension at the start of the ride, going over to Castleton and using the Broken Road climb out of the Valley, an extra descent alongside Eldon quarry and using Perry Dale. Also an extra techy climb through Hay Dale (Slippy when wet!)

7. Mam Tor and Edale

Distance: 11.6 miles
Climbing: 1.3k ft
Overall difficulty: 2 / 5
Technical rating: 2 /5
Fitness rating: 2 / 5
Traffic volume: 3 / 5

Mam tor edale elevation.png

This is a stunning shorter loop with views a-plenty. Climbing out of the Hope Valley via the Broken Road and around the top of Mam Tor gives views of both the Hope Valley and The Vale of Edale. Wind your way down the iconic road from Mam Tor to Edale and follow on over an overall down back to Hope.

This loop is great to link into some Win Hill technical sections if you have a thirst for adventure.

Have lunch in Hope and make a full day of it by adding in a selection of the Derwent Valley gravel tracks.

vale of edale.png
mam tor edale route.png

8. Eyam and back by gravel

Distance: 21.8 miles
Climbing: 2.9k ft
Overall difficulty: 3 / 5
Technical rating: 3 /5
Fitness rating: 3 / 5
Traffic volume: 2 / 5

eyam elevation.png

Visit the plague village, take on some refreshments and wind your way back to Hope.

You climb out of the Hope Valley via a tough steep climb up to Shatton Moor, before graveling your way to the village of Abney. From here it is quiet roads until you reach the pub with a view, The Barrel Inn. Take more green lanes and Bridleways before you drop down into Eyam. A great village packed with history and definetly worth an explore.

Before making your way back I would recommend a stop at the Eyam Tea rooms for a great selection of food and beversges.

eyam map.png

9. Harthersage Gravel Loop

Distance: 16.4 miles
Climbing: 2k ft
Overall difficulty: 2 / 5
Technical rating: 3 /5
Fitness rating: 2 / 5
Traffic volume: 3 / 5

Hathersage Elevation.png

Starting off on the road from our hub, you can ride the cycle lane straight into Hathersage. A quaint village with plenty to see and do. Lots of cafes / pubs and shops. From Hathersage we head over to Grindleford where we begin the Sir William Hill climb. We ride away from the climb approximately a third of the way up and enjoy a super scenic lane descent, before winding our way through an enjoyable, yet technical bridleway around Shatton. Finally we join some fast Gravel tracks from Bradwell, and behind the iconic cement works, bringing us back to base in Hope.

Hathersage map.png


10. Edale for cake and back

Distance: 10.6 miles
Climbing: 0.5k ft
Overall difficulty: 1 / 5
Technical rating: 1 /5
Fitness rating: 1 / 5
Traffic volume: 3 / 5


Lets be honest. Sometimes its nice to just have a tootle, and this route gives you just that.

From our hub, you follow Edale Road along the bottom of the stunning valley, all the way to Edale. Its a fairly quiet country lane, very popular with cyclists. Although, due to Edales beauty and popularity it can get busy with tourists on a nice weekend.

Once in Edale, you are spoilt for refreshment choices, with the Penny Pot cafe in the old station house, or Newfold farm cafe at the back of the village.

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