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As the days fall shorter and the nights draw in many riders hang up their baggies and kick back for a few months... because they have never tried night riding!

It is a different thrill, like e-biking is similar yet so different to mountain biking. The terrain seems different, the wildlife is different, you need to approach it differently.

Here's a few simple tips to help you on your way:

1 - Don't skimp on lights

We have all heard the stories of cheap lights from flee-bay exploding whilst on charge, but other than that worry you really need a set of lights that wont let you down and gives out the light output that it promises.

Ideally you should use 2 lights.

Mount a high lumen light on your bar. This will bring shadows to the trail when obstacles are in your way making it easier to avoid potential hazards that may otherwise be hidden by light.

A weaker helmet mounted light will help you see over obstacles and around corners.

2 - Get yourself all set-up at home

You don't want to be strapping your lights on and sorting the lube under the veil of darkness!

3 - Know your range

We're not talking about ebikes this time - Understand the power packed into your light battery. Use it on full power for technical trails, but for lit road sections drop the power level and save the store.

4 - Try not to go alone

This is not always possible, but if you take a tumble during the night it could be some time until someone passes by. At the very least, ensure someone at home knows your route.

5 - Dress smart

Not in your dinner wear, but think about wearing padded protection if you dont normally, as lets face it, your more likely to take a fall. Also there is more moisture in the air at night so waterproofs are a good idea!

If you never have - give it a whirl - you might just love it!

If you have lights - check out our Nightrider range. They are top-notch lights.

If you don't have a bike - we can hire you one and chuck in some lights for a night ride.



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