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Do you get range anxiety?

Everyone who experiences our e-bikes is keen to know... how far can I go? The idea of planning an epic adventure only to find yourself stuck at the foot of a epic climb with a 27kg monster to push is indeed a very daunting prospect! There are many variables at play when estimating how far you can explore on an e-bike, but lets explore the main 3!

1 - Motor assistance level

Our Shimano Steps motors come with 3 settings: Eco, trail, and boost, and as the names suggest these offer different levels of assistance, therefore differing levels of drain on battery life. Eco mode can provide up to 3x the range of boost, but boost 3x the assistance of Eco, so always bear in mind how far you have to go when selecting the level of assistance.

Tip: To maximise range, use Eco as your staple mode and trail & boost for those tricky moments on steep or technical climbs

2 - Rider and equipment weight

It's a fairly obvious one, but it plays a much larger part in the mystery of range than I had expected! I weigh in at 84 kg and my lovely wife at 55 kg. As the dutiful husband I also carry the emergency tubes, tools and gels on a ride and I can arrive home with my battery warning lights flashing away, but my wife will have enough battery saved up to boost her way up the final climbs. As a rough estimate I would take the difference in weight and divide by 2 to estimate the difference in miles due to differing weights

Tip: If you are on the same ride together share the load!

3 - Your route

It's not all about the miles. In many respects the ascents are the key factor. You could almost ride all day long across the ex-railway lined trails of the Peaks. We had a lovely couple take the bikes out on a 6 hour epic of the Tissington and High Peak trails, who led by range anxiety stuck to Eco mode and only used 20% of the bikes battery over the day!

On the flat terrain the motor usage is almost insignificant. When riding over 15.5 mph you are not even using the motor at all... and our bikes roll very well indeed so this is not difficult!

On the other hand, riding up Castelton's Broken Road or Winnats Pass, the motor will be putting in a tough shift and drain on the battery store.

Tip: Plan your route wisely (or have us plan it wisely!) Consider how long you want to be out and the climbs involved on your route - try and not plan a king of the mountains type climb as the finishing point of your ride otherwise you will increase your worry during the ride

Examples of Range:

Myself @ 84kg - Off road route 28 miles 3.5 hours non stop, 4k ft climbing using mainly Eco mode 15% battery remaining

Customer @ 90kg - Smooth trails 35 miles, 6 hours with stops, 1k ft climbing, Eco mode 75% battery remaining

Tip: Don't worry! These bikes are amazing and you are sure to enjoy your day. Plus if you get stuck we can always come and find you!


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